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From Portugal, with love

Good morning Albufeira!  I'm going to be around on and off during downtime but I wanted to say Happy belated International Women's Day!

two things

I have a little catch-up to play with my fl but first, I wanted to share these two things before I fucking explode lol.

I spoke with Sandy, the medium, yesterday for an hour reading.  I went into the reading hoping I would get some answers and confirmations and I definitely did!  I spent the majority of the reading knodding my head and laughing because I could relate to all that was said.  Sandy does different types of readings- mediumship, 2017 'forcecasts,' etc.  She is a Christian lady but that doesn't necessary bleed into everything she tells you.  She doesn't push her beliefs onto you, etc.  Anyway, I'm totally comfortable talking to her about spirit guides, angels, etc.   I believe no matter what you call such beings on the other side, they are all the same thing- energy- that impacts our life.  I also want to note that regardless of what Sandy told me, I certainly am not going to just run with it and alter my life in extreme ways.  I still move forward with caution and my decisions are my own.

So here' goes, bullet point style!

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This past week there was a tv documentary on titled Medication Nation.  Here is a brief description:

"Irish people love their pills. Every year we spend 500 euro for every man, woman and child in Ireland on pharmaceuticals - that's 40 per cent higher than the EU average. Since 2000 the number of prescribed drugs we are consuming has grown from 32 million to 73.5 million items in 2015. Drugs can undoubtedly bring great benefits, but there are also risks.

In this thought-provoking documentary Dr. Eva Orsmond examines Ireland's relationship with over-the-counter and prescription drugs. She asks about what drugs are we taking too much of and what drugs are we taking for the wrong reasons. Travelling the country, she uncovers evidence that Irish people are indeed over-using and abusing certain medications. Codeine tablets are among the best-selling drugs in Irish pharmacies, but many people don't realise that the codeine pill they routinely take for headaches, stress and emotional problems can be as addictive as heroin."

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post-party exhaustion

Kat and her family came over yesterday for a second small birthday party for Niamh.  Our families have a lot of common but we are also different in a lot of ways.  Their three kids and ours get along really well and they live nearby so it's easy to get together.

The party itself went well but by the end of it I was straight up exhausted! I find Kat's kids really intense.  On the spectrum of more quiet, calm kids to loud and really active, her kids are very much more active and loud.  My kids are somewhere in the middle.  They aren't "be seen, not heard" but they definitely have their moments of OMG craziness LOL.  In general, I find Kat's kids really rough. There's no other polite way to describe them.  For instance, if there's something I don't want them to see or find, I literally have to hide it. If there are certain toys my kids really like and they don't want them potentially broken, I have to hide them too.  Don't get me wrong, my kids break and damage their own toys but Kat's are a whole other level.  Her eldest son was riding Aidan's scooter for instance and was intentionally ramming into the Little Tyke's car William had just gotten a few days earlier, trying to drag it across the concrete.  Um, no.  Kat did step in and told him to stop but OMG her kids are non-stop all the time.  They rarely ever sit down lol.  Niamh is upstairs right now sitting at a table putting together a puzzle she got for her birthday.  Kat's kids can't do that type of thing.  I don't know how she does it.  I'm exhausted after being around her kids for a couple hours.

Today we are meeting up with Kat and her two eldest children to attend a mindfulness workshop for kids and teens.  I appreciate that I have someone to carpool with to such events, however, Kat always wants to leave sooooo fricken early.  The workshop is only 40 min. from our house yet we are leaving an hour and a half before the event starts.  Why?  Because she wants the kids to be able to run around after a 40 min. car ride.  I realize this is because she wants her kids to get their last bit of pent up energy out before the workshop, but really?  A six and seven year old can't tolerate a 40 min. car ride and then run around for 15 min. beforehand?  I think arriving 45 min. early is a bit excessive lol.  It's cold outside and no, I don't want to stand outside for 45 min. before the event even starts.  I realize I'm whining here but when we have to arrive this early to every.single.event we go to, it gets really old.  She asked me if I wanted to attend another event Thurs. from 10-3 PM where she wanted to leave another 90 mins. early.  I flat out told her no. Not happening.

holiday funny

I might be living in ultra-Catholic Ireland, but at least there are some people here with a sense of humor surrounding Christmas.

I know this is a bit late, being post Christmas and all, but this will forever make me laugh!


it's been done

I did a friends cut. I don't believe I have a lot of friends to begin with, but I really needed to scale things back. It bothers me when I have lj friends whose lives I can't keep up with. It actually causes me a bit of anxiety, which is silly I know, but I digress.

If we are not longer friends, know it is not personal. I'm simply stepping away from the internet more often and this is something that needed to be done.

do it

I just participated in this friendzy and so should you :)

arms of two people who are back to back - each arm has one half of a heart with the word besties on it

friending frenzy: active LJ friends!

and away we go

Camping preparations have begun.  Cleaning out the car, packing necessities,  linens and major food prep.  With our dietary restrictions we have to plan out every single meal because restaurants are not an option.   I printed off some cute vacation activities for Niamh and am packing some games for the kids. The campground is only 90 min. away but there's plenty to do and see.  I will be going in a pool for the first time in over a year.   I'm a bit nervous about it,  given my skin issues,  but all I can do is hope all will be ok. 

I spoke to my mom more about Florida.   She is going to use her timeshare for a week,  which means less money we have to spend on a hotel!   She's also offered to rent an SUV.  Again,  more money we will be saving.  Looks like we will be spending the most on flights and four theme park days.  We would also like to go to Miami for the beach and a day at the zoo.  It's been 16 years since I went to Florida.   I'm going to embrace the warmer temps come late Oct.

A couple days ago Aidan started asking questions about Anthony and my working.  He knows I do Reiki and sell eggs + honey but he asked if either of us will be working outside of the home.   I'm going to set aside time today to explain a)  how we're able to live without Anthony working.   Aidan knows nothing about disability benefit and b) when I plan on working outside of the home. I'm not against working outside of the home but it will have to be when I know Anthony is capable of meeting all the kids' needs. 

Anthony just told me today his legs are bothering him more and more.   His mystery leg symptoms are the direct result of treatment he got in the US.  No one can explain the pain, numbness or why one keeps losing feeling entirely.   The increasing symptoms are leading to less physical activity for Anthony,  which he finds upsetting- as do I.  We used to go for bike rides and short walks.  I don't expect him to ever be able to ride a bike but even a leisurely 20 min walk is often too much :(

so much yes

"The important question regarding spirituality is not which God you follow but are you true to your soul?  Are you living a spiritual life?   Are you a kind person here on earth, getting joy from your existence,  causing no harm, and doing good to others?"

x Brian Weiss

the blanket!

I'm about 20% done.  This is the blanket I'm making for William for Xmas.  I love the pattern.  I will be alternating between the blue and gray until it's finished.   I'm so happy I have started to get the hang of it!  

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