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April Update

Start Day:  December 12th, 2015
End Day:  September 8, 2018

1. Raise chickens
2.  Raise turkeys
3.  Raise goats
4.  Put up polytunnel- started!
5.  Knit five projects- hat knit for Niamh
6.  Learn to crochet and finish two projects
7. Buy sewing machine
8.  Make and hang curtains in Niamh's and our room- started Niamh's
9.  Apply for Irish citizenship for Niamh and William
10.  Knit blanket for William
11.  Felt wool dryer balls
12.  Buy aloe vera plant
13. Finish level 2 Reiki
14. Read two Reiki books
15.  Get Reiki business cards designed and ordered
16.  Make bird boxes with the kids
17.  Go to Irish Seed Savers Association
18.  Go to Dublin Zoo (Planned for April)
19.  Go to the Aran Islands
20.  Travel to Spain
21.  Go to a Xmas market outside of Ireland
22.  Make a dream catcher
23.  Attend a mindfulness class in person
24.  Attend a meditation class
25.  Learn about and practice crystal healing- still have more to learn
26.  Make my own soap
27.  Make my own candles
28.  Set up beehive
29.  Walk around the UL campus
30.  Read Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning
31.  Reread Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey
32.  Read three Jane Austen novels
33.  Attend a Reiki share
34.  Learn about basket weaving
35.  Fix amber necklace
36.  Make a fermented food for the kids
37.  Travel to Liverpool with Anthony (Planned for May)
38.  Organize storage at my in-laws'
39.  Grow herb garden and dry herbs
40.  Learn Irish canning methods
41.  Renew learners permit
42.  Get Irish drivers license
43.  Set up school garden- almost finished!
44.  Attend a concert
45. Order a half pastured pig
46.  Read about and implement feng shui
47.  Organize and delete camcorder videos- started
48.  Fix Aidan's stocking
49.  Read the book and watch the movie Eat, Pray, Love
50.  Read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (started) and What the Buddha Taught
51.  Visit a Buddhist temple
52.  Attend feminist group meeting
53.  Get Irish passport for Niamh
54.  Reread The Scarlet Letter
55.  Go into the local church
56.  Have family pictures taken
57.  Finish making Niamh's book bag
58.  Start attending yoga for at least 6 months
59.  Read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
60.  Buy a juicer
61.  Bake with blackstrap molasses
62.  Take the kids to a pottery shop and make something
63.  Learn hand sewing stitches
64.  Read Walden by Thoreau
65.  Save seeds from at least one plant
66.  Order fair trade items from Nepal + India- ordered from Dolls4Tibet
67.  Go for a bike ride
68.  Make Megan's salve
69.  Make Xmas ornaments with the kids (not pottery)
70. Type and make a CD of medium readings
71.  Download music from master list
72.  Buy a pair of nice black boots to be worn with leggings
73.  Go to Newgrange
74.  Get another medium reading from Sandy
75.  Raise pigs- started organizing
76.  Buy a high vis vest
77.  Visit the Hill of Tara
78.  Attend a homeschooling event
79.  See a play
80.  Start saving to buy property
81.  Make five raw desserts
82.  Start food reintroductions
83.  Visit two new hiking places- visited one
84.  Learn how to start a fire indoors
85.  Volunteer at a nursing home
86.  Get caught up on scrapbooking- started
87.  Transfer notes to family journal and maintain- started
88.  Buy a dehydrator
89.  Learn another type of energy healing- started learning EFT
90.  Learn about the Easter Rising
91.  Read book about Malala Yousafzai
92.  Teach one of the kids how to knit
93.  Make a terrarium
94.  Organize and declutter pinterest account (Started)
95.  Register Niamh for homeschooling and create lesson plans
96.  Purchase large mapand mark all our travels
97.  See a nutritionist/naturopath
98.  Visit the Hunt Museum
99.  Order EMF blockers for house and personal use
100.  Renew passport
101.  Discover my life's purpose