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I ran into the head of the parent council while picking up Aidan from school.  She told me to buy whatever I wanted for the school garden, bring in the receipts and I will be reimbursed!  Ah!  This is huge!

Looks like we will be getting new boards for the raised beds, plenty of seeds, paving, top soil, chicken wire, some posts for the peas to climb, trowels, a bucket, a spray bottle for seedlings, a shovel, some perennials for the flower bed, compost and a few other bits.  So relieved and happy for the school and the educational opportunities this is going to provide!

kid stuff

Not sure if Aidan should or will continue soccer.  He loved  it in the US but things are much different here.  The kids are better players and everyone is much more competitive.   Aidan is also simply not used to this climate, having to play in the rain and cold Irish winters.  He used to playing in the hot sun of Wisconsin summers.  He said he's so cold during games,  his fingers go numb.  He's also not into getting covered in mud lol.  It's totally different for him and I don't know if he's interested anymore.   I did explain that regardless of what sport he plays,  if it's outdoors,  he's going to have to get used to the slipping and sliding of the water-soaked Irish pitch.  Not sure if he's going to play hurling or rugby but deep down I think he feels better when he's involved in a sport.   It's his decision,  not mine,  though.

Niamh still loves dance.  We just heard about an additional ballet class we may put her in.

We're getting back into a homeschooling routine.   Writing, coloring, educational games,  etc.  I have our latest project pics under the cut.  After lots of observation,  I think Niamh's true dominant hand is her left!

I had my first no-show Reiki client today.  Ugh.

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Meditation was cancelled for this evening- ugh!  I guess I will try for next Thursday.

I'm in the middle of a small flare.  I'm trying not to beat myself up over it.  I wish it were easier to be kinder and gentler with myself.  I'm a constant work in progess.  I made some bad diet choices and I'm hoping they don't seriously bite me in the ass.  I'm not perfect, but I need to stop reaching for foods that I know hurt my body.

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I am going to meditation tomorrow.  I am going to meditation tomorrow.  I am going to meditation tomorrow.


health victory

I had lots of blood testing done a couple weeks ago to check cholesterol,  diabetes, thyroid, vitamin D levels, etc.

I finally heard back from the nurse and everything is normal!  For someone with autoimmune health issues and severe leaky gut, this is pretty damn amazing!  The nurse said I have the best vitamin D level she's ever seen lol!  I'm so happy for that too considering only 10 months ago my Vitamin D was below what is seen in developing countries!  My body is healing  and I'm much healthier than I was last year.  My body is doing a much better job of absorbing vitamins and minerals.   I don't have Hashimotos- hooray!  My cold intolerance must really be a result of my weight loss!

The kids and I are making Valentines this evening <3

Sleep + JJ 7

First off,  thank you so much  to those that left sweet comments on my post yesterday!   I know this sleep saga isn't even close to being over, but I know things are going to get better.  Anthony and I are making a better sleep plan that includes quiet time before bed, an earlier bed time, introducing a lovey and getting an additional bed in our room.  I know many families don't cosleep, but we want to try it for a bit longer.  If things haven't improved in two months,  it's into the crib William goes.

JJ 7:  Talk about a heirloom or treasured possession (picture optional)-  Falena84

I really like this question so thank you falena84!

I can honestly say that there is no heirloom that has been passed down in my family that I own or even my parents own.  Both sets of my grandparents were very poor so they really didn't have much to pass on..  My maternal grandmother raised her four kids "on the wrong side of the railroad tracks" while trying to escape an abusive,  alcoholic husband- she was city poor.  My mother was taunted in school during her entire childhood because of where she came from.  My paternal grandmother passed away during childbirth while having her eighth child.   My paternal grandfather was an electrician that turned to drink for awhile before he got his act together and started supporting his eight children.   My father and his siblings ran the family farm- they were rural poor.

I think living in real poverty and coming out of it through hard work is one of the reasons my parents have so much stuff.  When you grow up with nothing,  I think it can genuinely feel good to display your ability to come out of that life.  With that being said,  there is nothing of great value that I would like from my parents.   Their wedding rings don't symbolize a happy union, so one of my sisters can have those. I kind of wish there was a family heirloom to pass along,  but there's not.

Instead, my prized possessions are pictured- my scrapbooks.   I admit to being very behind in filling them, but several already exist and it's on my to do list to eventually catch up :)  I put my favorite pictures and momentos in them.  Of course there are lots of photos of the kids and our trips.  It is my hope that perhaps these scrapbooks can be passed on and divided amongst the kids once I'm gone.  Aidan and Niamh already love looking at them and they make for great conversation.   In an effort to get more pages filled,  I don't focus on perfection,  but simply making the designs simple yet cohesive.   If our house were burning down and all of us were safely accounted for,  these are what I would try to grab!

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Friends, I really enjoyed reading all of your resolutions.   Please keep this in mind...

Give me ideas!... Please

There's a meme going around where you give writing and picture prompts that I would then in turn post about each day.   January is a slower month for most people after the holidays so I think I would be able to accomplish it!  Some of you have already done this and I enjoy it!

Please comment with ideas!  I'm willing to share most parts of my life,  so feel free to make any pics or writing prompt requests!  Thank you!

January 2016

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Aidan's birthday party went well.   The biggest issue was William getting a bit crabby.  I couldn't eat any of the cake but that's going to be the story of my life forever.   Might as well accept it.  I have a few pics under the cut.

I listened to an awesome  free podcast on self-compassion today.   We all tend to feel bad about ourselves to some degree.  This discusses that as well as how to free yourself of that cycle of feeling unworthy.  Not gonna lie,  it made me cry.  Have a listen:  https://www.tarabrach.com/the-rain-of-self-compassion/

I need to start meditating daily, even if I start out at only 5 min./day.  I'm also going to look into attending the local meditation class after the holidays.

Anthony's eldest niece, Chloe, was psychologically evaluated this past summer after a teacher recommended it.  She is 13 years old but was cognitively assessed at age 9-10.  We only were told this past week.  When Chloe was at our home last night, I started to take notice of some of her behaviors and all I wanted to do was hug her.   I don't know what the future holds for her or if her cognitive abilities will ever improve.  Honestly,  it doesn't matter.   I would like our children to spend more time with my SIL's kids but I don't know if she will allow it.

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safety first

I started looking into EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies,  today.  I had heard about them and knew they weren't a good thing, but wow!  Why aren't more people talking about this!?  Honestly,  I think part of the issue is people are soaddicted  to technology that they just don't care.  I also think, like me,  it's a case of pure ignorance.

France recently passed a law banning wi-fi in nursery schools over the serious risks associated with EMFs and the developing brain!  See: http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/france-national-law-bans-wifi-nursery-school/

Anthony and I are discussing ways to protect our family.   I'm going to get an orgonite pendant and we are going to buy items for our cell phones and the tablet.  I also looked into orgonite for the house.   We are no longer going to have the tablet or phones in our room at night.  EMFs are emitted even if your device is off!  Yikes!